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okz, 7o, 1ho, lsp, Bootleg NES Classic Edition Systems Are Being Advertised On Newspapers | NintendoSoup
Bootleg NES Classic Edition Systems Are Being Advertised On Newspapers

Bootleg NES Classic Edition Systems Are Being Advertised On Newspapers

Today we have some pretty disturbing news to share concerning bootleg NES and SNES Classic Edition systems in the United States.

Reddit user blukirbi came across several sponsored pieces promoting bootleg Classic Edition systems on local news pages they read. They are shocked by this development, as you don’t usually see a newspaper promoting fake products everyday.

Before this happened, bootleg Classic Edition systems from China infiltrated the United States through online marketplace sites such as eBay and local malls. Sad to say, this trend is not going to reverse anytime soon as Nintendo has no plans to make anymore Classic Edition systems in the near future.

For the Nintendo fan, it’s pretty easy to tell bootlegs and authentic Classic Edition systems apart (packaging, number of games, quality), but the average Joe on the street will have a harder time.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.