‘SwitchGuard’ Safely Secures Your Beloved Nintendo Switch While It’s Docked Unattended

‘SwitchGuard’ Safely Secures Your Beloved Nintendo Switch While It’s Docked Unattended

Worried about the having your Switch and Dock stolen when competing on tournaments? Living with someone else you don’t fully trust? Pintoro got you, fam.

Here’s SwitchGuard. This third-party accessory has been designed to lock your Switch in place while docked. If you’re the type who leaves your Switch at home and has trust-issues, you might want to consider getting SwitchGuard. It might also help in keeping Switches from being stolen when on tournaments.

Looking at it, it sure looks secure enough. Cutouts have also been taken into account to allow ventilation. If you’re interested, get yours here for USD 49.99.

Take a look at the photos and details below:

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This is the SwitchGuard, specially designed for the Nintendo Switch. With the SwitchGuard, you will be able to secure your Nintendo Switch* while it’s docked, whether you’re a Tournament Organizer, a student in a dorm, or just someone who wants to secure their Nintendo Switch in their home!

The SwitchGuard features the following:

  • Premium clear acrylic – Show off your Joycons and docks with crystal clear acrylic!
  • Metal locking mechanism to secure your Nintendo Switch safely in the SwitchGuard.
  • Cable lock slot mounted on the back of the SwitchGuard to allow the use of a cable lock. Use the included cable lock to secure your SwitchGuard to a table, monitor, or TV!
  • Multiple cutouts to allow ventilation through the SwitchGuard
  • Cutouts for the HDMI, Power Cable, and GameCube Adapter to cleanly flow out of the SwitchGuard.