Chucklefish Includes Checkpoint System On Wargroove’s Upcoming Post-Launch Patch, More Details

Chucklefish Includes Checkpoint System On Wargroove’s Upcoming Post-Launch Patch, More Details

Chucklefish has given a lengthy preview via a Twitch livestream at what’s coming on the upcoming first post-launch patch for Wargroove.

Truly, the team behind Wargroove has listened to fan feedback and has made some major changes launching soon. One major highlight would be the addition of the Checkpoint System in the game. Once rolled-out, players can now set a checkpoint whenever they need to and retry from this checkpoint. However, players can only have one active checkpoint during a skirmish mission. It’s a major improvement since this prevents losing hours of progress.

In addition, difficulty presets will be implemented aside from the previous slider. Now, there will be Story, Easy, Medium, Hard (default) and Custom presets. Previously, a tweak on the slider to easy difficulty will only give players a 1 star. On the next update, however, the following changes will be made:

  • Medium – up to 3 stars
  • Easy- up to 2 stars
  • Story – limited to 1 star
  • Hard – earn S-rank

More update details below:

  • Add CPU players to online games. Seven maps designed for co-op play will be added.
  • Skipping story, battle, and capture cutscenes is faster, and S rank requirements are now shown in the overview for a mission. Exit has been renamed to Suspend for clarity’s sake. The effectiveness chart and recruit screens have also been reworked with feedback to be more informative.
  • A Confirm End Turn button has been added as players reported accidental ending of turns, while a new Movement Speed option lets players set all units to move faster. You can also now choose to show Damage Range that shows the minimum and maximum damage dealt, instead of an average.
  • Fog of War has been reworked so that allies can share their vision, and defeated allies become spectators that can only see what has been revealed by their team. The enemy’s income and funds will also be hidden.

Chucklefish has now submitted its first post-launch patch and will be available once approved by Nintendo.

Watch the recorded livestream below: