Comedy Action Game ‘Roguelike Hero’ Announced For Switch

Comedy Action Game ‘Roguelike Hero’ Announced For Switch

It’s time to step up as the new action star of the modern world!

Roguelike Hero, a comedy action game, is set to release on the Nintendo Switch, developer Carrya Tech and publisher X.D. Network announced.

In Roguelike Hero players take on the role of a walk-on actor as he fights through various enemies with absurd and silly ways to complete the filming. The game will support English, Japanese, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages. As of press time, no launch date has been revealed.

Check out the trailer and game details below:


Roguelike Hero is a comedy action game. You play as a shameless hero that would fight dirty and with no shame of throwing one or two sucker punches. Heavily inspired by Stephen Chow’s trolling comedy style, the game presents an absurd and funny action experience with trolling mechanics.

The “Hero” is a walk-on actor, struggling to get a good role. Each stage is an action movie set piece and players fight though various enemies with absurd and silly ways to complete the filming. There are a big amount of trolling weapons and moves such as the fart counter move and spit attack. You can expect to see more silly and interesting implementation of classic action game mechanics and witness the growth of the clownish, hilarious yet justice and brave protagonist.

Key Features

  • Play as a hero that doesn’t deserve to be called one.
  • Absurd mechanics, animations, and features that will make you laugh so hard.
  • A unique comedy plot that I will not spoil for you right now. 😛
  • A huge pool of enemy variants and endless combination potentials.
  • A huge pool of items and gear to make each playthrough unique.
  • A variety of bosses that are challenging and fun.
  • A fun combat system that enables both button mashing and skilled gameplay.