Dodge Hard Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

Dodge Hard Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

Vanguard have recently published their game Dodge Hard today on the Nintendo EShop in Japan at ¥2,000!

This is a port for Nintendo Switch of an indie game previously available on smartphones!

Check out the smartphone trailer down below:

The games description reads as:

Destroy an underground city built by a mad scientist! Become a hero who fights against war robots to save the world!

▶ A nice hybrid of Danmaku (Bullet hell) and RPG – Enjoy this classic retro-style bullet hell shooter on your mobile! – Level up, collect and salvage items, craft and enhance weapons to be stronger!

▶ A wide variety of weapon – Each gun fires different type of bullets – Choose the best weapon to your taste and defeat the monsters effectively

▶ Ever-changing stages – New rooms and passages show up randomly whenever a stage is opened – With the ever-changing stages, you’ll never be bored!

▶ Powerful evil bosses – Each boss has different bullet patterns. Learn it to survive! – Prepare yourself for new bosses that appear every 5th floors!


If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at Nintendo Soup so stay tuned for more!