Even More Super Nintendo World Japan Merchandise Officially Revealed

Even More Super Nintendo World Japan Merchandise Officially Revealed

As we’ve reported previously, Japan’s Super Nintendo World will offer an avalanche of new merchandise featuring Super Mario and friends. We received a small glimpse of what’s will be available at the theme park earlier this week, but now we have even more exclusive products to feast your eyes on!

Universal Studios Japan has updated its website with numerous listings of official merchandise that will be available at the theme park. In particular, we get our first look at many cool exclusive items such as a Bowser plush hat, Mario Kart mug, Parkas, shirts, and much more!

Take a look at them below! (click images to expand)


  • Mario Plush (with Medal on foot)
  • Mario Plush keychain (with Medal charm)
  • Mario Plush
  • Mario Plush keychain
  • Luigi Plush Keychain
  • Chef Toad Plush
  • Chef Toad Plush Keychain
  • Yoshi Plush
  • Yoshi Plush Keychain
  • Block + Item Plush Cushions


  • Super Nintendo World Shirt
  • Mario Shirt
  • Luigi Shirt
  • Princess Peach Shirt
  • Toad Shirt
  • Yoshi Shirt
  • Bowser Shirt
  • Mario Kart Shirt


  • Mario Parka
  • Luigi Parka
  • Mario Kart Jumper


  • Mario Plush Hat
  • Luigi Plush Hat
  • Toad Plush Hat
  • Yoshi Plush Hat
  • Bowser Plush Hat
  • Goomba Plush Hat
  • Boo Plush Hat
  • Blooper Plush Hat
  • Chain Chomp Plush Hat
  • Mario Kart Cap
  • Princess Peach Hairband + Veil
  • Mushroom Hairband


  • Mario Glasses
  • Luigi Glasses
  • Mario Plush Earrings
  • Luigi Plush Earrings
  • Plush gloves
  • Mario Ticket Holder
  • “?” Block Ticket Holder
  • Lakitu Keychain (with Extendable Reel)

Tomica Toy Sets

  • Mario Kart (Anti-Gravity) with Chain Chomp
  • Luigi Kart (Anti-Gravity) with Blue shell
  • Yoshi Kart (Anti-Gravity) with Bullet Bill


  • Super Nintendo World Mug
  • Mario Kart Mug
  • Assorted Ballpoint Pens


  • Super Nintendo World Assorted Sweets
  • Super Nintendo World Assorted Biscuits
  • Super Mario Clay Pipe (with assorted sweets)
  • Mario Kart Assorted Chocolate (in Tire-Shaped Tin)
  • Mario Kart Assorted Biscuits
  • Chef Toad Mushroom Risotto Set (4 Packs)

What do you think? What piece of merchandise is your favorite? Feel free to share below!