Famitsu: Deltarune Development Update From Toby Fox + Chapter 2 Screenshots

Famitsu: Deltarune Development Update From Toby Fox + Chapter 2 Screenshots

Following its announcement earlier this month, Famitsu has published their massive feature on Undertale celebrating its 5th Anniversary, which includes a few pages dedicated to its sequel Deltarune.

Within the issue, creator Toby Fox shared a few insights into how Deltarune is progressing, and that it is generally going smoothly. He also shared sneak peek at Deltarune Chapter 2 with a few new screenshots.

You can check out a summary of the key details below (via Dualshockers), as well as the screenshots that were shared.

  • Toby Fox said he wrote a really long report on Deltarune’s development, but shortened it for people who don’t have internet access and can’t buy Famitsu Magazine physically.
  • Most of the Game Design work for all the Deltarune chapters is finished. He has also finished writing the 1st draft of all the dialogues during cutscenes.
  • Work on Deltarune Chapter 2 started a few months ago and it’s going well. The development of Deltarune Chapter 2 is going faster than for Chapter 1.
  • He hurt his wrist around 7 months ago but said to not worry, and a small team is helping him.
  • Toby Fox is confident the development of Deltarune will go smoothly, but has no idea how many more years it’ll take to finish the game.
  • He advised everyone to simply forget about him and Deltarune instead of constantly waiting.
  • When it’s done, he would love for Famitsu magazine to feature Deltarune on its cover
  • Toby Fox said he himself is the most hyped person for Deltarune‘s release.

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