Fans Petition To Get Shaggy From Scooby Doo In To Mortal Kombat 11

Fans Petition To Get Shaggy From Scooby Doo In To Mortal Kombat 11

Recently a group of fans have decided to make a petition on to attempt to get Shaggy from Scooby Doo in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11!

This is a very odd request from fans but the petition is getting very close to its goal quickly with it already having over 160,000 signatures and only needs 40,000 to reach its goal.

Check it out below:

This is very possible to actually happen as Warner Bros own both the Scooby Doo franchise and the Mortal Kombat series.

The petition also ties in with the recent popular memes involving Shaggy from Scooby Doo across the internet which is why Warner Bros may even consider this a possibility as it is being heavily requested.

Woken News Network themselves have even said they are reaching out to Warner Bros:

Woken News Network ( is taking the much needed initiative of starting this petition to make Shaggy a DLC character for Mortal Kombat 11.

We’re calling on Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to give the fans the fighter they most certainly need. – Woken News

This petition is unlikely to have any outcome but Shaggy could still make an appearance as DLC in the game one day which unexpected characters such as Predator making their way in to the game.

Series Creator Ed Boon even responded with this tweet:


If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at NintendoSoup so stay tuned for more!