Fire Emblem Heroes Latest FEH Channel Has Over 10k Dislikes On Youtube

Fire Emblem Heroes Latest FEH Channel Has Over 10k Dislikes On Youtube

Earlier today, Nintendo released a new FEH Channel to promote the latest features heading for Fire Emblem Heroes. However, it seems not everyone is pleased with what they had to announce.

As of this writing, the Youtube video for the 1 Feb 2020 FEH Channel has been disliked over 10,000 times, double the amount of likes it has received (~5k). To put things in perspective, the previous installment of FEH Channel (the Book IV announcement) has only 425 dislikes and around 7,000 likes.

This overwhelmingly negative response can likely be attributed to the FEH Pass, a paid subscription for Fire Emblem Heroes which was revealed during the presentation. For about $9 USD a month, paying players would not only have access to exclusive “Resplendent” skins for certain heroes, but also additional in-game missions, a “re-act” button and the option to automatically re-do quests. Notably, the last one is a QoL feature that is free in Nintendo’s other mobile titles like Dragalia Lost.

Given that Fire Emblem Heroes is already Nintendo’s highest grossing first-party mobile game, the addition of a subscription which paywalls certain features has likely come across as being excessive and overly greedy on the part of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Only time will tell whether the negative reception of the pass lead the companies to rethink their approach to this new monetization scheme.

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