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Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Latest DLC Adds Another Same-Sex Romance Option For Male Byleth

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Latest DLC Adds Another Same-Sex Romance Option For Male Byleth

Earlier this year, when Fire Emblem: Three Houses first launched, there were some debates over the limited amount of romantic options for male Byleth with other male characters – which contrasted with female Byleth players having notably more romantic options with other female characters. Well, it looks like Nintendo and Intelligent Systems decided to address this gap.

DLC wave 3 for the game is now live as we speak, and one of its many additions are two new playable characters. Of those two, one has caught the attention of quite a few fans – as they finally represent another same-sex option for Male Byleth players to pursue a romantic S-Rank Support with.

Who is this character, you might ask?

As there are character and story spoilers ahead, you’ll have to find out after the image below.

The DLC character in question is Jeritza – one of the teachers at the monastery who turns out to be the Death Knight. Both Male and Female Byleth can pursue a romantic S-Rank Support with him in the ‘Crimson Flower’ story path, where Jeritza and the protagonist end up working together under Edelgard’s rule.

Their romance isn’t all that subtle, either. Jeritza will openly probe if the player (male or female) feels the same affection toward them in the closing segments of that particular ending. You can see a few snapshots of this below:

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Previously, Male Byleth players could only pursue an S-Rank Support with Linhardt, Alois, and Gilbert. However, both Alois and Gilbert were actually platonic supports only – with Alois (somewhat hilariously) introducing the player to an unnamed female friend instead. Gilbert’s S-Rank Support is a little more vague, with him swearing allegiance to serve the player at the game’s end. This left Linhardt as the only overtly gay S-Rank Support in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As a disclaimer, it’s unclear whether the Japanese script reflects this romance in the same manner. Nevertheless, the intent of the English translation seems pretty clear-cut here – Male Byleth players can finally pursue another same-sex romance in the game, if they wish.

On an additional note, the other DLC character is the infamous Anna (whom appears in pretty much every Fire Emblem game). Unlike Jeritza, she doesn’t have a romantic S-Rank Support with either Male or Female Byleth – although she has her own paralogue mission.

We’ll report back when the next wave of DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses goes live in the future. Stay tuned.


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