First Look at Hong Kong’s Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle

First Look at Hong Kong’s Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle

Besides Japan, Hong Kong is another lucky country which saw the release of the Nintendo Switch Neon Green/Neon Pink Joy-Con Splatoon 2 Pack.

While it’s mostly the same as its Japanese counterpart, there are a couple of minor differences we’ve spotted. We’d like to thank┬áChen Ren Fu from the Facebook group “Pinoy Nintendo Switch” for snapping these shots, and Glenn for pointing this out!

Let’s check them out in detail below.

Here’s a first look at the actual packaging. Notice the CERO (Japanese game rating board) logo has been changed to Hong Kong’s video game classification board’s “6+” rating on the bottom left.

A look at the side of the packaging.

The Hong Kong version comes with an extra sheet of stickers that was available with every pre-order of Splatoon 2. Other than that, everything else is the same – the set comes with the Japanese bundle exclusive stickers (not pictured), a physical copy of the game, Neon Green/Neon Pink Joy-Con, and the Nintendo Switch itself.

Lastly, here’s a photo of Fate Extella’s Chinese packaging. We believe it hasn’t been seen anywhere else before.

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