Generation 3 Pokemon Most Likely Hitting Pokemon GO By November 2017

Generation 3 Pokemon Most Likely Hitting Pokemon GO By November 2017

The arrival of the Hoenn region Generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon GO is inevitable. Last week, dataminers have found evidence of Pokemon GO code referencing all 135 Pokemon which debuted in Generation 3, suggesting Niantic is in early preparations of bringing them to Pokemon GO.

The big question now is when they are coming, and we may have some answers to that question.

Last year, Pokemon Centers in Japan released a lineup of new official Pokemon plushies featuring Generation 2 Pokemon from the Johto region. The plushies launched on December 23, 2016.

Fast forward a few months later, and on February 15, Niantic and The Pokemon Company officially announce the arrival of Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which were made available the next day. This means the duration between the Pokemon Center plush releases and official release of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon was 55 days.

Guess what was announced by the Pokemon Center last week? A new lineup of Generation 3 Pokemon plushies, scheduled to launch on September 2.

We aren’t sure what exactly The Pokemon Company and Niantic are cooking up behind the scenes, but we definitely know the plushies are an indication the Pokemon Center is preparing for the large demand of official Generation 3 Pokemon plushies once Gen 3 hits Pokemon GO. It’s business sense to cash in at the right moment.

Adding 55 days to September 2 gives us October 27, 2017. We’re pretty sure there is going to be some sort of Halloween event going on in the game during that period of time, so we could be getting the Gen 3 Pokemon either around October 27 or somewhere in November.

Of course, some of you may have your own doubts. Shouldn’t the Pokemon Center release the plushies at the same time as the Gen 3 release?

The Pokemon Center in Japan is well known for releasing seasonal Halloween, Easter, and Christmas Pokemon merchandise at least a month before the actual holiday lands. For example, this year’s Halloween merchandise will be hitting Pokemon Centers on September 2, rather than on October 31 itself.

So, when do you think the Generation 3 Pokemon will officially appear in the wild on Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below!