Hideki Kamiya Lists Five “Curses” Of The Nintendo Switch That Annoy Him

Hideki Kamiya Lists Five “Curses” Of The Nintendo Switch That Annoy Him

As many of his fans may know by now, PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya was quite vocal about his distaste for the Nintendo Switch’s plain Home Screen. Well, it turns out that the Bayonetta series creator has even more complaints about the hybrid console on top of this – which he finally shared over this weekend.

In a recent Tweet to his fans, Hideki Kamiya listed five “curses” of the Nintendo Switch that he was dissatisfied with till this day. In addition to his existing hatred of the plain Nintendo Switch Home Screen, Kamiya also listed the lack of Virtual Console titles and D-Pad controls as further annoyances – amongst other complaints he had about the system.

Here’s a rough translation by NintendoSoup:

“Five Curses of Nintendo Switch:

  • The Home Screen is ridiculously crap
  • Virtual Console is gone
  • No D-Pad
  • Bluetooth headphones do not connect
  • No more movement* in Space Harrier and OutRun”

(*Editor’s Note: Kamiya is likely referring to a “Moving Cabinet” option which simulated the arcade cabinet/screen tilting when playing with gyro controls in Space Harrier and OutRun for 3DS. It is absent from the Switch versions of these games.)

What do you think? Are you annoyed with the same “curses” as Kamiya? Are there other bugbears about the Nintendo Switch that you cannot stand? Feel free to share below.