Insane Man Attacks Innocent People Over Pokemon GO Gym

Insane Man Attacks Innocent People Over Pokemon GO Gym

In Vancouver, three people were relaxing on a park bench, and were suddenly attacked by a man with a tire iron.

Andrew Otton, one of the victims, recounts what the attacker screamed. “He comes out of nowhere, yelling, ‘WHICH ONE OF YOU IS ANDY?’ with a tire iron in his hand,” Andrew Otton said. “My username is AndySamberg, so he was looking for the Andy guy and I was just reviving my Pokemon when he was trying to take it out. I took it from him, and I didn’t know he just took it, and he was like, ‘Hey did you just take this gym from me? That’s pretty messed up man.’ He was very angrily saying it.”

Otton’s friend, Grayson Hagstrom, said he was punched by the insane man multiple times. To fend off his attack, Hagstrom got behind him and “started choking him”.

The suspect, identified as Stephen Jolly, has admitted to hitting a table with a tire iron. Jolly told police he doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, but is under medication for mental health issues. He’s now facing charges for assault and malicious mischief. This isn’t the first time Jolly has attacked others over Pokemon GO, as other people told Otton he has done this before.