“Kirby’s Burger” Ichiban Kuji Announced in Japan

“Kirby’s Burger” Ichiban Kuji Announced in Japan

Kirby fans are in for even more another collection of delectable treats, later this year!

Bandai Spirits has announced a new Ichiban Kuji called “Kirby’s Burger” – which will launch in late September 2021 at Lawson and more locations in Japan. Check out a rough translation for the list of prizes below:

  • Prize A – Kirby Jumping cushion
  • Prize B – Full belly plush toy
  • Prize C – Kirby’s coffee server
  • Prize D – Kirby Marche bag
  • Prize E – Otasuke BURGER figure
  • Prize F – Diner-style tableware
  • Prize G – Vintage Stationary
  • Prize H – Harapeko Design Towel
  • Last Prize – Waddle Dee Jumping Cushion

For now, only the following visuals below have been revealed for this ichiban kuji. We’ll report back when photos of the actual prizes emerge in the future!