Koei Tecmo Assures Fans That Atelier Ryza 2 Will Not Be Censored In The West

Koei Tecmo Assures Fans That Atelier Ryza 2 Will Not Be Censored In The West

There’s no doubt that most of the Atelier Ryza series’ appeal has stemmed from its curvaceous female cast so far – especially with its protagonist Ryza having made waves with her hilariously proportioned thighs. Recently however, the publisher of Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy had to allay some fears about how these attractive characters would be portrayed in the sequel.

During TGS 2020, fans had noticed that two different variations of the game’s trailer were released across the net– one from Gust/Nintendo, and one by Sony. The main difference was in the depiction of the playable party member Serri, who had some additional mist covering her exposed legs in Sony’s version of the trailer (see below, on the right):

Of course, this led to an outcry from fans whom were concerned that Sony’s increasingly aggressive censorship policies would be tampering with the game’s content in some manner. This was loud enough that Koei Tecmo America had to release an official statement declaring that the game would not face any censorship in the west.

While the Nintendo Switch release of the game is the least likely of the bunch to receive any sort of censorship, it’s still assuring to hear Koei Tecmo’s stance on giving fans what they like from the series. Hopefully fans will get to learn more about the game soon.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy will be hitting Nintendo Switch this Winter worldwide. We’ll report back as we hear more in the future.