Legendary Pokemon Debut Increases Pokemon GO App Revenue

Legendary Pokemon Debut Increases Pokemon GO App Revenue

The debut of Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO has attracted lots of attention from players, and it even managed to draw inactive trainers back into playing Pokemon GO.

Besides the attention it has garnered, Legendary Pokemon Lugia and Articuno can also be thanked for bringing new wealth to Niantic and The Pokemon Company. According to market analyst Sensor Tower, Pokemon GO recorded its highest revenue in a day – on the day Legendary Pokemon debuted.

A whopping USD5.8 million was spent by players on July 23rd on the iOS version of the game. That figure would increase after factoring in the Android version, which Sensor Tower unfortunately doesn’t have numbers for.

Pokemon GO is now the top grossing app on the App Store in 23 countries, which include the United States.

With Legendary Pokemon Moltres and Zapdos flying into Pokemon GO very soon, revenue and user participation in Pokemon GO is expected to remain high in the days ahead.