LEGO Ideas Campaign Started For Samus Aran’s Gunship Play Set

LEGO Ideas Campaign Started For Samus Aran’s Gunship Play Set

As we’ve reported previously, many Nintendo enthusiasts have been striving for their Animal Crossing or Legend of Zelda LEGO concepts to become actual play sets through the LEGO Ideas website – where fans can vote for their favorite ideas to be considered by the LEGO Group. Well, here’s a little something that might appeal to Metroid fans instead!

A new campaign on the LEGO IDEAS website has cropped up – with the aim of re-creating Samus Aran and her gunship as a beautiful play set! As seen above, the proposed set would also include a Metroid in captivity and some Space Pirates for Samus to tussle with.

Here are a small selection of preview images for the proposed set below, along with more details about the idea from its creator:


“Based on the classic “Metroid” videogame franchise from Nintendo, this building toy features the bounty hunter’s most recognisable vessel, as well as some key elements from the entire series.

  • Carry the jar with the Metroid in suspended animation inside the cargo hold.
  • Move the Technic liftarm to drop Samus inside the gunship to restore health and ammo. Then withdraw the axle at the back to exit the gunship via the lower hatch.
  • Remove the windscreen to access the cockpit.
  • Flaps can be open to reveal some inner details.
  • Modify the exposed intakes to conceal them.
  • Includes two moveable stud shooters.
  • Adjust the three bottom pads to land in any surface.
  • Open the secret door to drop Samus as a Morph Ball.
  • Includes a minifigure of Samus Aran’s iconic Power Suit.
  • Includes a secret minifigure (to be revealed only when the project gets 9900 supports).
  • Includes 2 Zebesian Space Pirates.
  • + Bonus content to be added at certain milestones.
Samus next mission: to become part of a new LEGO Ideas product.
She NEEDS YOU. Can you help her? Now is your turn!”

As at the time of writing, the project has over 5,000 votes, with a total of 10,000 votes required before LEGO considers it for review. You can help out by casting your support over here.