Man Recovers Lost Switch Thanks To Reddit And Kindness

Man Recovers Lost Switch Thanks To Reddit And Kindness

The Nintendo Switch is a rather sizeable console, and a hot selling one at it. So chance are actually not that high for you to misplace it in a public area, and get it recovered back. When that really happens, you are likely to be “sweating bullets” like Juan in Frankfurt Airport.

According to an article by Kotaku, Juan was on his way to Madrid from Germany’s Frankfurt Airport when the incident occurred. Hoping to get some Switch time on the 3 hour flight, Juan only realise aboard the plane that his Nintendo Switch had slipped out of his bag and landed in the crevices of the airport bus’ seat. Unfortunately by then the airport bus had already left.

While “sweating bullets”, Juan took to Reddit and starting a thread to find his lost Switch. By sheer luck, a Redditor, XxPyRoxXMaNiAcxX, commented about seeing another thread about someone looking for the owner of a lost Switch at Frankfurt airport.

It turns out another Redditor, Itchybun‘s friend found the Switch and after a few a few recover lost Switch questions like username, Joy-con colours, Switch friends name, last played game, etc. In a mere four hours, the lost Switch has found its owner again, although Juan will only be collecting the Switch back on New Years Day.

This again goes to show that real kindness and morals are still very much alive in today’s society, and that technology has made it even easier for us to show it. You can read the full article from Kotaku here.