Monyuu Launches July 15th For Japan, Demo Announced

Monyuu Launches July 15th For Japan, Demo Announced

Developer Experience has announced the release date for Monster wo Taoshite Tsuyoi Ken ya Yoroi wo Te ni Shinasai. Shindemo Akiramezu ni Tsuyoku Narinasai. Yuusha Tai ga Maou wo Taosu Sono Hi wo Shinjiteimasu AKA Monyuu for Switch.

This dungeon RPG with an excessively long name will launch on July 15th for Switch in Japan. A demo has also been confirmed, which will allow players to go through the first level of the “Demon King Tower” dungeon. Save data from this demo will carry over to the full game, and more details will be shared at a later date.

In addition, the developer also announced that Demon Gaze character portraits illustrated by Tetsu Kurosawa will be available for the game until August 19th. There will also be eight playable classes in the form of the Warrior, Knight, Martial Artist, Samurai, Ninja, Gunner, Priest, and Mage.

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