How Much The Nintendo Switch Costs Around The World

How Much The Nintendo Switch Costs Around The World

As you all know, the Nintendo Switch is priced differently in various parts of the world.

Below is a list of Nintendo Switch prices in several countries. A few things to note: We’ve taken the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the Switch for countries which have one. If they don’t, we take the lowest price available. Some countries are still selling Switch consoles in forced bundles, thus we take out the value of the games in the forced bundles to get a rough cost estimate of the Switch hardware alone.

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CountryPrice (with tax)Price (without tax)Price (w/o tax in USD)
Japan32378 yen29980 yen268
Hong KongHKD2340HKD2340299
United StatesUSD299.99 ~USD299.99299.99
South KoreaKRW360000KRW327272301
United KingdomGBP279.99GBP233310
New ZealandNZD548NZD477343
Saudi ArabiaSR1450SR1381368
United Arab EmiratesAED1499AED1428388

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Why are the prices so different?

Factors that affect the price include whether Nintendo has officially set up shop in the country (this is a huge contributing factor) and to some extent, taxes.

You’ll notice in countries such as Japan and US, Switch prices are the lowest because Nintendo themselves are distributing the product to retailers. On the other hand countries in South America, Southeast Asia, and Middle East tend to see higher prices as another company (or sometimes no company at all) will distribute products on Nintendo’s behalf.

Taxes play a part in this too. Even though Nintendo has a subsidiary in Europe, Nintendo Switch prices after sales tax or value added tax in many countries tend to be high (up to 25%), but if you remove the tax, they tend to be quite reasonable.

Can I import a Switch from a country with better prices?

And now comes the big question – is there any way to get a much more reasonably priced Nintendo Switch if you’re living in a country with horrible prices? The answer is yes.

You can import a Nintendo Switch from either Amazon US or Amazon Japan. Even after shipping and taxes, it will most likely be cheaper than what you pay for locally in your country.

At the time of writing, it’s best to purchase the Switch from Amazon US because it’s readily available. You may also consider getting from Amazon Japan instead as the MSRP in Japan is lower than the United States, however they are bundled with games.

Find Nintendo Switch consoles that are in stock on Amazon US here, and those that are available on Amazon Japan here.