New Platinum Games artwork draws Bayonetta Switch speculation

New Platinum Games artwork draws Bayonetta Switch speculation

Platinum Games, the developers of the Bayonetta franchise, have opened a brand new Twitter account to support their Japanese followers. To celebrate the occasion, Bayonetta Director Hashimoto drew a new piece of artwork featuring Bayonetta from Bayonetta 1 and 2.

What soon ensued was speculation that this artwork was a teaser of an upcoming Bayonetta game for Nintendo Switch. Twitter user Big_Moon_UR pointed out how the blue and red background seems to correlate with the Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con.

Platinum Games even liked the image that pointed out the connection.

So, what do you think this is? Pure coincidence or subtle teaser? While Platinum Games has mentioned that they were working on a title for Nintendo Switch, there’s no confirmation that it’s a Bayonetta game. Still, we hope Bayonetta will have an outing on the Switch in time to come.


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One thought on “New Platinum Games artwork draws Bayonetta Switch speculation

  1. Probably a port of 1+2, which is good enough for me for now. They had to re-visit 1 for PC release, that might have helped the Bayo team get more familiar with the nvidia environment which would be good news for Switch. Plus, I wonder if Nintendo technically “owns” short-hair Bayonetta…

    Thanks Iggy

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