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Sonic Movie Ad Reportedly Pops Up In Hungary, Showing Fluffy Sonic | NintendoSoup
New Sonic Movie Ad Reportedly Pops Up In Hungary, Showing Fluffy Sonic

New Sonic Movie Ad Reportedly Pops Up In Hungary, Showing Fluffy Sonic

Were you sufficiently charmed or amused by the reveal of Baby Sonic from the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Well, it seems like that won’t be the only new look that Sonic fans will be witnessing for the first time!

A new advert for the movie has dropped in Hungary, giving us more new scenes from the film. As you can see above, one of the shots apparently features Sonic with a fluffy afro, of all things!

Obviously, this was the most bizarre of the shots from the ad – but you can check out other screenshots below.

It definitely looks like this film isn’t afraid to get wacky when it premieres on 14 February 2020. We’ll report back if we hear more!