One-Punch Man Artist Shares His Rendition Of Mega Man

One-Punch Man Artist Shares His Rendition Of Mega Man

By now, anime and manga fans might be familiar with Yusuke Murata – the artist behind the action comedy One-Punch Man. We’ve already seen Murata illustrating for official Pokemon merchandise in the past, but what if he lent his talents to the beloved Mega Man franchise as well?

Today, Murata shared an old sketch of the super fighting robot himself – complete with a heroic build and beady eyes that any One-Punch Man fan will recognize at a glance! Check out the artwork in full below.

Funnily enough, Murata was responsible for some actual Robot Master designs as a child. Namely, he submitted contest sketches that would eventually become Dust Man (Mega Man 4) and Crystal Man (Mega Man 5)! We can only imagine what a Mega Man game completely designed by Murata would look like!

What do you think? Would you love to see Murata draw more Mega Man characters in his trademark artstyle? Feel free to share your thoughts below!