Over 1300 Switch Titles Released On Nintendo Switch

Over 1300 Switch Titles Released On Nintendo Switch

Since launch, one of Nintendo’s key strategies for Nintendo Switch is attracting indies and third party developers to publish titles for the system.

Although it’s been one and a half years since the Switch first launched, over 1300 titles have been released by over 500 publishers on the Nintendo eShop. They will continue this strategy moving forward. This shows Nintendo’s strategy in courting indies is working.

Nintendo has also reaffirmed support for indies by introducing new indie titles to consumers through social media and other ways.

Read their full comments below.

As of October, there were over 500 software publishers selling software for Nintendo Switch, and worldwide more than 1,300 titles from these publishers available for purchase on Nintendo eShop. We plan to release a variety of titles from an increasing number of publishers going forward.
Note: This is the total number of titles available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop sites in the various regions of the world. The same title is not counted multiple times when it is distributed by Nintendo eShop in more than one country.
We as a company are deepening our ties with the developer community and beginning new activities in each country focused on game titles that would be difficult to introduce through conventional media channels. While widening the number of titles and genres from software publishers, we will work to create opportunities for our consumers to encounter new games.