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Games Contain "Paid Random Items" In Their Ratings | NintendoSoup
PEGI Will Indicate If Games Contain “Paid Random Items” In Their Ratings

PEGI Will Indicate If Games Contain “Paid Random Items” In Their Ratings

Earlier today, the ESRB announced that their ratings labels will now state if games contain in-game purchases with “random items” such as lootboxes or gacha elements.

Now, their European counterpart PEGI has announced that they will be rolling out similar labels in the UK. Their version uses the term “Paid Random Items”, which includes “all in-game offers to purchase digital goods or premiums where players don’t know exactly what they are getting prior to the purchase (e.g. loot boxes, card packs, prize wheels)”.

You can check out how it looks like in the examples below:

This change is likely a result of the many controversies surrounding lootboxes that have cropped up as of late, with many governing bodies in the UK battling to have them classified and regulated as gambling activities. Like with the ESRB’s measures, only time will tell whether this move by PEGI will be enough to quell the outrage and discussion surrounding the lootbox issue.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.