Platinum Games Working On Top Secret Action Game

Platinum Games Working On Top Secret Action Game

During BitSummit, Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba revealed a few things the company is currently working on.

While Kamiya is currently overseeing Bayonetta 3’s development and can’t wait to share more information in the near future, Inaba revealed that Bayonetta 3 isn’t the only game Platinum is working on.

Inaba said Platinum Games is working on multiple projects, and one title in particular, they believe, will “turn the action genre on its head” as it’s new and innovative like nothing players have ever seen before.

The project is so secretive that even employees within Platinum Games are unaware of it. While Inaba didn’t say whether this action game is coming to Nintendo Switch, we’ll keep you posted when it’s formally revealed.