Pokemon Center’s Tails And Paws Merch Now Up For Grabs

Pokemon Center’s Tails And Paws Merch Now Up For Grabs

Besides a giant Wailord plush, the all new Tails and Paws series has been introduced at Pokemon Centers in Japan today.

The merchandise are now available for purchase on Amazon Japan (purchase links provided below). Check out our guide first if you are new to shopping on Amazon Japan.

First up is none other than a cushion of Pikachu’s tail which is 62cm tall. Grab yours here.

Eevee fans can look forward to sleeping on an Eevee tail cushion instead. Buy here.

Here’s a great size comparison if you couldn’t visualize it in your head.

Not looking for something too big? Here are mascot size paws and tails of Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon. Buy here (tails) and here (Eevee’s paw).

Not to forget there’s Alola Vulpix’s paw and tail too. Since Alola Vulpix is too popular… it gets both! Buy here.

Don’t forget about Lucario and Bewear’s huge paws! Buy here.

Mimikyu happens to be special because there’s a small (15cm) and large (30cm) tail. Grab it here.

You can now bake in style with Bewear’s kitchen mitten paw! Buy here.

Pretend you’re Eevee or Alola Vulpix with a pair of furry socks! Buy here.

Prefer something that you can put on your smartphone? Get one of these smartphone cover featuring Charizard, Pikachu, Sylveon, and Mimikyu showing off their tails. Buy here.

Otherwise you can consider getting a Bewear smartphone case for your iPhone 8/7/6s/6. Grab it here.

Make your tote bag stand out with this Pikachu tote bag which has its tail sticking out! Buy here.

To end it off, here are mugs of Espeon, Umbreon, and Mimikyu. The handle of the mug is designed after the Pokemon’s tail. Buy them here and here (not pictured: Eevee and Alola Vulpix Paw Mugs).