Pokemon GO CG Projection Photo Event Taking Place In Japan

Pokemon GO CG Projection Photo Event Taking Place In Japan

A Pokemon GO event is currently underway at the Japan Media Arts Festival held in Tokyo.

This event gives visitors an opportunity to take a photo with their favorite Pokemon in Pokemon GO through “projection mapping”. A CG projection of the Pokemon appears at the correct spot beside the participant anywhere inside the booth. This is made possible as the participant’s position is tracked through mapping technology.

Here are the instructions for visitors:

  1. Participant passes their smartphone over to the staff
  2. Staff equips a selfie stick (attached with a tracking marker) to the smartphone
  3. Participant selects their Pokemon GO team on the computer terminal
  4. Participant selects the Pokemon they want to take a photo with on the computer terminal
  5. Participant enters the photography booth, and takes a photo by using their own smartphone which is attached to the selfie stick

Here’s a video of the event in action.

The end result is a Pokemon which seems to be interacting with the user! The Pokemon look slightly translucent though…

The Pokemon GO CG Projection Photo Event takes place from September 16 to September 28, 2017 on the third floor of Shinjuku’s Tokyo Opera City. Operating hours are 11am to 6pm daily (up to 8pm on September 16, 17, 22, and 23). Entry is free.