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Pokemon And Team Rocket Battles | NintendoSoup
Pokemon GO Updated With Data For Shadow Pokemon And Team Rocket Battles

Pokemon GO Updated With Data For Shadow Pokemon And Team Rocket Battles

The latest patch for Pokemon GO is now live on Android and IOS, containing some hidden data about future features which may be coming to the game.

Following up on the previous data related to “purified Pokemon“, dataminers have now discovered additional code for Shadow Pokemon in the game. As those of you who played Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD may recall, purifying Shadow Pokemon was one of the main mechanics of both spin-offs.

Furthermore, Pokemon GO’s new update data also has references to quests and characters involving Team Rocket, suggesting that the group will also be making an appearance in the game soon. It is possible that Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon will be part of some new upcoming event for the game, but this is just speculation.

You can check out the data for yourself below, courtesy of dataminer Chrales:

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