Pokemon Masters “Reach For The Top” Event Now Live

Pokemon Masters “Reach For The Top” Event Now Live

Following its announcement last month, the very first special event for Pokemon Masters is now live.

The event is called “Reach For The Top” and revolves around Blue, everyone’s favorite rival from the first generation of Pokemon games. Key details about the event can be found below:

  • Event runs from September 2nd to September 29.
  • Only players that have completed Chapter 5 of the Main Story can participate.
  • During the event, you will be able to try out using Blue & Pidgeot in your team.
    • Some Event Story Quests will restrict your party members (e.g. Player Character, Blue, Flannery Only).
  • There are Special Missions associated with clearing the Event, which will give players Gems and more.
  • Special Items will be available in the shop during this period, and can be obtained by playing the event for Event Currency.

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Via, Pokemon Masters App