RUMOR: Details Leaked For Yoshi Omnimover Ride At Super Nintendo World

RUMOR: Details Leaked For Yoshi Omnimover Ride At Super Nintendo World

For the past few months, Nintendo has been keeping a tight lid on its upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park. If you’ve been dying to learn more about what its rides will be like, however, a new leak may finally make your day.

The folks at Orlando Park Stop have reportedly learned new details about a “Yoshi’s Adventure” omnimover ride – which was also teased in an earlier leak two years ago. It’s quite a big info-dump, so we’ve collated some highlights below:

  • The Yoshi ride will be an omnimover style attraction, meaning the ride vehicles will always be moving, in a long continuous loop, around the track.
  • There will be more than 40 ride vehicles on the track at a time, with more than a dozen at the load/unload platform alone.
  • The ride vehicles will be shaped like Yoshi, and they will be in various colors. Each ride vehicle can hold two adults.
  • The ride entry is through a round golden pipe opening, at the base of a large multi-level mountain of sorts. At the very top of this mountain will be the flagpole.

  • Above the ride entrance, the Yoshi ride vehicles can be seen exiting through an opening and traveling along an outside bridge.
  • Once seated in their Yoshi, riders head out of the load area, and outside onto the bridge mentioned above.
  • As the bridge comes to an end, riders will encounter the Conkdor, who is repeatedly banging its beak down in. After narrowly missing being conked on the head, riders will continue on through a lightly themed early scene.
  • After that, riders move through green warp pipes to enter and exit an enclosed section.

  • They then emerge at a massive show scene, filled with dozens of characters, bad guys, and iconic objects from all Mario and Yoshi games.
  • The ride William finally end with riders almost eaten by a Pirahna Plant, and disembarking into a gift shop.
  • There will be over 40 moving objects and animatronics in total.

As with all unconfirmed information, however, we urge our readers to take these details with a grain of salt. We’ll report back if we receive any confirmation on this leak.

In the meantime, how does this supposed ride sound? Would you be excited to try it out if it was real? Let us hear your thoughts below!

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