Rumor: Nintendo Direct Coming In The Next Few Weeks

Rumor: Nintendo Direct Coming In The Next Few Weeks

In the past few days, rumors have been circulating about an upcoming Nintendo Direct taking place in the next few days.

First, a website called Gaming Intel claimed sources which were previously accurate in the past have informed them a Nintendo Direct is coming in 14 business days after the Nindies Summer Showcase. What that means is the latest date a Nintendo Direct would appear is September 20.

Other users, at places such as GameFAQs and Reddit, have mentioned a Nintendo Direct will take place on September 6. There is nothing of substance to back up these claims, though.

Our take on this? It’s a matter of time we’re going to see a Nintendo Direct. In the past 4 years, Nintendo has held a general Nintendo Direct every September (or late August) without fail. The only exception was 2015 due to the sudden death of late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. We don’t see this trend stopping as they need to clear out some announcements before the holiday season.

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