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Rumor: Sonic’s Full Movie Design Possibly Leaked

Rumor: Sonic’s Full Movie Design Possibly Leaked

For the past week, fans have been less than thrilled about Sonic the Hedgehog’s supposed movie design. The negative feedback has been so harsh that the movie’s staff had to ask the online community to calm down.

Now, it seems like we might have our first look at what the blue blur actually looks like. The following poster image has been circling around the web, featuring the movie’s logo, and presumably Sonic himself.

Some have speculated that the poster is some form of concept art, as the actor in front does not look like co-star James Marsden. Additionally, Sonic’s legs do not look as grossly human as suggested by another teaser poster.

Therefore, it’s hard to tell if this will actually be Sonic’s final design in the 2019 film. We’ll report back if we hear more info on the movie.

UPDATE: the poster was apparently created for internal use about one year ago. This would mean the poster is indeed an early concept for what sonic will actually look like in the 2019 film. However, there’s no telling how much the hedgehog’s movie design has changed since then.