Sonic’s Movie Redesign Reportedly Cost Less Than $5 Million

Sonic’s Movie Redesign Reportedly Cost Less Than $5 Million

Earlier this month, Paramount revealed a new Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer – where the character had a markedly improved design. Since then, fans have been speculating just how much the film’s production team really spent on fixing the blue blur’s look, and it looks like we might finally have an answer.

According to IndieWire, a source “close to the production of Sonic the Hedgehog” estimated that the redesign only cost Paramount around $5 million or less. This is a lot lower than one earlier (but unverified) rumor claiming that it cost $35 million instead.

Why is this supposed figure so modest? According to IndieWire’s insider source, the CGI that we saw in the horrifying first trailer was all that was complete at the time. Therefore, only a very small portion of the movie’s scenes had to be redone with Sonic’s new design, as opposed to the full-length of the film.

The insider further added that any rumors of the CGI team suffering due to Sonic’s redesign are “far from true.”

Of course, we urge all our readers to take this info with a grain of salt – as Paramount has not confirmed any of this officially. We’ll report back when we hear more about the film, which premieres on 14 February 2020.