The Latest Version Of Pokemon GO Has Been Datamined

The Latest Version Of Pokemon GO Has Been Datamined

Dataminers have found new assets and information in the latest version of Pokemon GO – 0.107.1.

This update adds a new Friends and Trading system to the game. Here’s a look at what’s to come:

1. New badges. The first badge is for trading distance, second for number of completed trades, and third for number of leveled up friendships.

2. New badges for Pokemon GO Fest 2018 and 2017.

3. A new Water-type move called Hydro Cannon. This should be the next Community Day exclusive move.

4. Sprites for all Alolan forms.

5. A beautiful new loading screen to welcome summer.

6. More evidence of Spinda’s addition to Pokemon GO. Supporting assets for Spinda have been added to the Pokedex, such as the button below.

7. A new Player Reputations system to counter bots and spoofers.



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