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Tobyfox Celebrates Undertale’s 3rd Birthday

Tobyfox Celebrates Undertale’s 3rd Birthday

Today is September 15, the day Undertale was released three years ago.

Tobyfox, the creator of Undertale, shared a special message to his fans on Twitter. He said he’s amazed to see how Undertale has received such a huge following in 3 years and has lasted so long. Here’s his full message:

Today marks 3 years since UNDERTALE came out. Even now, there are still people playing the game and its music… and soon, with Nintendo Switch version, even more people will play it for the first time. I’m amazed such a small RPG could have a lifespan like this. Thank you.

In fact, Undertale was just released today for Nintendo Switch in Japan. It’ll be out in the west on September 18. Check out our review here.