Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Aoko Aozaki” Trailer

Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Aoko Aozaki” Trailer

Type-Moon Games has uploaded the second DLC character trailer for Melty Blood Type Lumina, the latest entry in the Melty Blood fighting game/visual novel series.

This time, the trailer focuses on Aoko Aozaki, a character that appeared in Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. The trailer has her facing off against previously featured character Shiki, showing off her moves and abilities.  She will be released on January 13, 2022 alongside the previously announced Dead Apostle Noel.

Check it out below, along with additional details via the game’s official website:

One of only five magicians who exist in the world. Successor to the Fifth Magician. Overall, she is not considered a skilled magician. However, when it comes to “destructive” power, she is unrivaled in her talents. The sight of her raining down bullets like hot geysers has also given her the direct, yet rather tasteless nickname, “Magic Gunner.” Who she learned it from is unknown, but she is also familiar with martial arts, and has a battle style that could be considered a hybrid of those martial arts and magic.

She encountered Shiki on her travels. She gives him his glasses that suppress his Mystic Eyes, and teaches him the value of living things and how to handle things. For that reason, Shiki respects her and calls her his teacher. She’s a difficult person to pin down. She believes in justice, is unreliable, and a vagabond.

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