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Cotton Reboot’s Three Modes Detailed

Cotton Reboot’s Three Modes Detailed

Game studio Sangatsu Usagi no Mori has revealed some new details regarding the upcoming Cotton Reboot for Nintendo Switch.

This new batch of info is about the game’s three different modes, these include a recreation of the Cotton title on the Sharp X68000 as well as an updated “Arrange” version featuring new voice clips and music.

Check out the details below, as translated via Siliconera:

  • X68000 Original Mode: A mode where you can play a perfect recreation of the version of Cotton Reboot released for the Sharp X68000, said to be the most polished version.
  • Arrange Mode: A new game mode that supports 16:9 widescreen, and renews the graphics and characters with new BGMs featuring renowned composers, as well as new voice clips by voice actors for a new Cotton experience in the Reiwa era.
  • Score Attack Mode: Fight for the highest score online within a time limit! You can choose between 2 Minute Mode and 5 Minute Mode.

Cotton Reboot is currently in development for Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

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