Guide: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Village High Rank Key Quests

Guide: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Village High Rank Key Quests

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has always been hunting the next big thing, carving for its loot to craft new armor and weapons and take on the next looming threat. While the high rank village quest might not give you the best materials to create the strongest weapons and armor, they do give some benefits such as unlocking additional box spaces and more. Similar to the Gathering Hub Key quests, they are rather unclear as to the sequence of which to clear.

Well look no further as we have compiled the list of quests you need to clear in order to get that next rank. These quests are specifically tailored to Single Player, so players having a hard time in the Gathering Hub quests should take on these quests and hone their proficiency before tackling on the harder ones in online lobbies.


Research Team’s First Rodeo (Hunt Congalala in Ruined Pinnacle)

Village 7 star

Bug Appetit Encore (Hunt Seltas in Ancient Steppe)

Investment Flanking (Hunt Giadrome in the Arctic Ridge)

Request: A Friend in Need (Hunt Barroth in Desert)

Poisoned of Action (Hunt Gypceros in Primal Forest)

Spit It Out (Hunt Tetsucabra in Jurassic Frontier)

Request: Taking Royal Liberties (Hunt Royal Ludroth in Misty Peaks)

Brave New Ore (Deliver 10 Comet Rocks at Ruined Pinnacle)

Fashion Victim (Hunt Daimyo Hermitaur in Desert)


Primal Forest Arachnids (Hunt Nerscylla in Primal Forest)

Village 8 star

Grapes of Rathian (Hunt Rathian at Ruined Pinnacle)

It’s Gonna Eat Me! (Hunt Nibelsnarf at Desert)

Perfectly Normal Rock (Hunt Basarios in Marshlands)
Request: Airship Upgrade: Nargacuga (Hunt Nargacuga in Jungle)

Request: Airship Upgrade: Plesioth (Hunt Plesioth in Ruined Pinnacle)

Request: Airship Upgrade: Lavasioth (Hunt Lavasioth at Volcano)

Bloof! (Hunt Zamtrios in Frozen Seaway)

A Cure for Laziness (Hunt Uragaan in Volcanic Hollow)


Wish Upon a…Gravios? (Hunt Gravios in Marshlands)

Village 9 Stars

Rathalos Topping (Hunt Rathalos in Ruined Pinnacle)

Whatdunnit (Hunt Zinogre in Jungle)

Ruler of the Frozen Seaway (Hunt Tigrex in Frozen Seaway)

Request: Great, Glavenus Again (Hunt Glavenus in Jurassic Frontier)

Request: Alas, Astalos Again (Hunt Astalos in Verdant Hills)

Request: Man, Mizutsune Again? (Hunt Mizutsune in Misty Peaks)

Request: Groan, Gammoth Again (Hunt Gammoth in Arctic Ridge)

Request: Ruined and Tarnished (Hunt Gore Magala in Ruined Pinnacle)

Request: Airship Upgrade: Barioth (Hunt Barioth in Frozen Seaway)


The Baleful Comet (Say a Valstrax or repel it in Desert)

However, the quests do not end here. Feel free to clear more quests and you will find many more quests waiting for you to unlock! Have fun and good hunts!

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Written by NintendoSoup contributor Melvin