Japanese Children Are Calling Terry Bogard A Muscular Pokemon Trainer

Japanese Children Are Calling Terry Bogard A Muscular Pokemon Trainer

As you all know, SNK character Terry Bogard was officially revealed as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

Something very strange has been happening in Japan after Terry Bogard was revealed. Apparently, there are many young Japanese gamers who are unaware who the character is, and are calling him a “muscular version of Pokemon Trainer”, another fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

There have been many comments such as these shared on Twitter, and some have went viral (translated by NintendoSoup):

“Many people are calling Terry a ‘muscular Pokemon Trainer’. It’s inevitable that I am laughing so hard.”

“Terry is a version of Pokemon Trainer that fights with his muscles. LOL”


“I like to think of Terry as Red who had mutated into a muscular version of himself. Can’t unsee it.”


” I have heard lots of people saying ‘Who’s this Terry who is fighting (Pokemon Trainer) himself?’ I really can’t unsee this.”

“Ness, Pokemon Trainer, and Terry Bogard look like brothers because they wear the same types of clothing.”

“Is it normal to hear elementary/middle school students saying they don’t know who Terry Bogard is? How many years ago was the Legend of the Hungry Wolf released?”

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