Junichi Masuda Spammed With Hate Comments Ahead Of Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Launch

Junichi Masuda Spammed With Hate Comments Ahead Of Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Launch

This year has been a very bad year for the Pokemon community – Game Freak’s decision in cutting Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and all future Pokemon games had effectively split the community into two different bases that hate each other.

After Pokemon Sword and Shield producer Junichi Masuda announced this decision in June 2019, he was asked to step down from his position at Game Freak by many fans. Although things largely died down in the last few months, hate comments have once again resurfaced and intensified after the leaks revealed that Pokemon Sword and Shield would only have 400 Pokemon, meaning over 50% of Pokemon that appeared in previous games will not appear in Sword and Shield.

We leave you with some of the hate comments below.

Some Pokemon fans called him a liar:


You are such a phony!

Some said they outright hate him:

I hate you. ¡Quiero que todos los Pokemon todavía vivan!

They called him a “traitor”:

“You’ve betrayed us all. How dare you. You cut all my favorite Pokemon. あなたは私たち全員を裏切りました。あなたは私のお気に入りのポケモンをすべて切った。”

A few laid the blame on James Turner, a Pokemon designer at Game Freak:

James Turner is the worst thing to happen to the art design of this franchise.

Dear Junichi Masuda,

I’m a big fan of PM series science G1. To be honest, I’m shocked by recent leaks of Sword & Shield. The chief designer, James Turner, is ruining this game. I strongly advise your team to think “What makes Pokémon so popular worldwide”?

And more:

You and that mf Ohmori should never work on another Pokemon game ever. Who the fuck wants to spend $60 for all this lackluster content?

Since Little Crap Hero flopped you guys should actually work on something you’re good at…. Add the rest of the cut Pokemon as updates in the future, at least redeem yourselves from that awful game you made…..

You said « HIGH QUALITY ANIMATION » i see HIGH CRAPPY ANIMATION & and a lot of LAZINESS. Come on dudes…

Well, there it is. What little excitement I had left for SwSh went right out the window with this. Just about all of my favorites were cut. Suicune? Nope. Luxray? Nah. Any of my team from Sun? Nuh uh. Dragonite? No. Nah, just fuck this game.

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Thanks, Brandon.