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z, q, a3, le, uq0, sv9, uzf, Pikachu Choco Banana McFlurry is heading to Japan for a limited time | NintendoSoup
Pikachu Choco Banana McFlurry is heading to Japan for a limited time

Pikachu Choco Banana McFlurry is heading to Japan for a limited time

Remember the Pokemon McFlurry campaign McDonald’s Japan organized on Twitter? The results for the contest are out, and without much surprise, Pikachu has emerged as the winner!

With Pikachu winning the contest, this means we’ll all get to enjoy Choco Banana McFlurry for the first time on July 14, 2017. The Choco Banana McFlurry will come in a specially designed Pikachu cup, which Pikachu fans can take home after finishing up the McFlurry.

The ice cream will be available in limited quantities, so catch it while stocks last.

If you don’t get the chance of trying some Choco Banana Pikachu McFlurry, consider taking a ride on the Pikachu Train during your next trip to Japan.