Pokemon Masters Players Baffled At Lack Of Rewards For 10 Million Download Milestone

Pokemon Masters Players Baffled At Lack Of Rewards For 10 Million Download Milestone

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Pokemon Masters hit the coveted 10 Million Download milestone within a few days of its global launch.

Normally, when a mobile game manages to achieve a huge download milestone, the developers will hand out celebratory freebies to all players in thanks for their support. Naturally, many Pokemon Masters players were expecting similar rewards from DeNA, especially given how huge the achievement was and how well the game was doing.

When no such milestone rewards were announced, the playerbase quickly turned sour and began voicing their frustrations on social media. Comparisons were quickly drawn to other famous mobile titles such as Fate Grand/Order and Dissidia Final Fantasy, who had implemented generous freebie campaigns just for half the number of downloads.

To put things in perspective, one user even put together the following meme post on Reddit:


Most of players saw the lack of rewards as another indicator of DeNA and The Pokemon Company’s greed, following the controversy surrounding the paid gacha. Not helping was the fact that Pokemon Masters‘ paid currency and even regular in-game items were extremely scarce and stingy in their distribution, meaning that any small freebie would have likely been much appreciated by players.

You can check out some of their comments below:

“Actually seeing the comparisons rather than just reading helps actually put things in perspective.”

“The sad part is they already capitalized on the pokemon name. Most of those games took months or years to get where they were at. Pokemon masters did it in like a week after global release. I wouldn’t expect much from them now.”

“not even… have 10 gems for your continuous support”

“As a special thank you to all you trainers out there, starting today you’ll all receive a 1-Star Level Up Manual everyday you log in for the next week!”

“Its honestly rather depressing to not get free “nice job everyone!” celebratory bonuses after download milestones…”

“Every other gacha: we reached X milestone and here is something to celebrate, Pokemon Masters: gz, thx, bye!”

“Ok now how about you show us your gratitude in the way of some rewards or something? How about a better economy of gems? Maybe better optimization especially for Android devices?”

“I don’t know any game that reaches 10 mil downloads and not reward the playerbase. Heck there are barely games that reach 1 mil that don’t reward their players.”

“Yeah, no. Everyone sees this tweet for what it is: a publicity stunt. You guys have designed this game to milk people with all its predatory mechanics and this new manipulative event. There’s no way you folks actually care about the community. You’re barely out the door with this launch and you’ve already earned this much ire? Good luck keeping this game going!”

What do you think of these responses? Should DeNA have put out some kind of reward for the 10 million milestone? Let us know in the comments below.