Random: Internal Email Reveals Xbox Still Interested In Acquiring Nintendo

Random: Internal Email Reveals Xbox Still Interested In Acquiring Nintendo

Back in 2021, former Microsoft personnel detailed an interesting story about how the company tried to acquire Nintendo back in the 2000s, only to be laughed out of the room in response.

Despite this failure, it seems Microsoft hasn’t quite given up on the idea, at least according to a leaked email from the FTC VS Microsoft case. The email, dated 2020, has Xbox head Phil Spencer explaining how he thinks Nintendo is a “prime asset” and that acquiring them would be a “good career moment” and a “good move for both companies”. He also said Nintendo needs to realize that their future “exists off their own hardware”, despite the fact that this email was sent during the heyday of the Switch’s success.

That said, Spencer also acknowledged that it would be difficult for Microsoft to acquire Nintendo, saying that they are “sitting on a pile of cash”, and that “hostile action” would not be a good move. Even so, he expressed hope that there would be “opportunities” for Microsoft in the future, citing that former key member of Microsoft’s board of directors, ValueAct had been acquiring stock in Nintendo.

Interestingly, this email also mentions negotiations for Microsoft to acquire Warner Bros Interactive, as well as Zenimax, the owners of Bethesda. We now know that the acquisition of Zenimax would later be successful, although it’s doubtful that we’ll see the same thing happen to Nintendo in the foreseeable future.

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