Random: Phil Spencer Received A Switch From Nintendo And Doug Bowser

Random: Phil Spencer Received A Switch From Nintendo And Doug Bowser

Over the years, Nintendo and Microsoft have established a fairly friendly relationship amidst their status as two of gaming’s biggest giants, from allowing cross-platform play to collaborations in Super Smash Bros.

In a recent appearance on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer shared a more personal gesture of friendship he received from Doug Bowser and the team at Nintendo. According to Spencer, the Nintendo Switch that has been seen on his shelf in several of his presentation appearances was actually a gift from Bowser and Nintendo:

“The Switch was a gift from Nintendo. Doug Bowser and the team, they’re obviously right up the hill from us – we’re both in Redmond, Washington – and it was a gift from them. I have another one that I use to play at home, but that was one that they gave me early on when it launched. So, that’s what that’s from.”

The Switch in question has been the topic of much speculation since it was first spotted on Phil Spencer’s shelf, leading many to believe it was a hint that Microsoft and Nintendo had a big collaboration in store. Some believed it to be a hint at Game Pass on Switch, while others thought it could mean Halo could be coming to the platform.

Despite the rampant speculation, Spencer’s words suggest that it could be little more than a nod to the strengthening relationship between the two companies, rather than a hint at something bigger to come. That said, we will be sure to report back with more details if any big announcements to the effect are made.

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