Team Sonic Racing: Switch Version Will Be The Same As Other Versions

Team Sonic Racing: Switch Version Will Be The Same As Other Versions

Earlier this week in an interview with, Team Sonic Racing producer Takashi Iizuka revealed that there are no plans to have the Switch version be different from other platforms.

More specifically, Iizuka stated that the Switch release of Team Sonic Racing will not include any special features to set itself apart from other versions of the game. This is because they wish to have all players to have the same experience, regardless of platform.

Vooks: Can you tell us about the Switch version, and any specific Switch features that are coming, or how it’ll run?

Takashi Iizuka: Our goal is providing the same experience to any users. Therefore, there are no Switch specific features in Team Sonic Racing. But Switch users have a benefit to be able to bring and play this game anywhere.

While the lack of Switch exclusive features may be disappointing to some, its still good to hear that the Switch version will not be getting shortchanged compared to the others, as was once common in the past.

In addition, Iizuka also talked a little more about the team racing mechanic and how each member of a squad works together to win. He also confirmed that the game will feature individual racing modes for players who prefer a more solo experience.

Vooks: The game has squad team racing, where all of the people on your squad contribute to a win, how does this work?

Takashi Iizuka: Team Sonic Racing will offer several team mechanics that can be utilized to gain an edge each race. With moves like skim boost, slingshot, rescue and item transfer, players will be able to work together to fill up their Team Ultimate. Once full, the team will have the ability to unleash a massive speed boost that will help them secure the victory.

Vooks: Are people able to just race to win for themselves? Not everyone likes to be on a team!

Takashi Iizuka: While racing as a team is the game’s core concept, players will have the opportunity to race individually through a variety of game modes even online and offline.

Team Sonic Racing is scheduled to launch on May 21st for Nintendo Switch.

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