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nt9, t7j, k, kg, udm, 8x, o, rqm, Video Showcases Amazing Framerate On Warframe Nintendo Switch | NintendoSoup
Video Showcases Amazing Framerate On Warframe Nintendo Switch

Video Showcases Amazing Framerate On Warframe Nintendo Switch

Today, Digital Extreme’s Warframe has released on Nintendo Switch with the help of porting studio Panic Button.

Panic Button have helped with porting many hardware pushing Nintendo Switch games in the past such as: Doom, Rocket League and Wolfenstein 2.

They have managed to get Warframe up and running on Nintendo Switch at stable 30 frames per second as shown in this video counting the framerate done by youtuber ContraNetwork.

As you can see here the engineers at Panic Button have done an excellent job at porting the game and are likely to make even more optimization and stability improvements in future updates.

We will keep you all updated on upcoming news about the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe.